Media, Tech & Communications Companies Look to Continuous Transformation to Get Ahead of Customers


Media, Technology and Communications companies are facing complex market dynamics. Hybrid cloud, cybersecurity concerns and advanced technologies like AI are raising the stakes for companies that want to thrive in a customer-oriented digital world.

These four trends will impact the strategies of Media, Tech and Communications companies in the coming year:

Quantum computing – the race is on.

Initial investments in quantum computing made by the market and universities driven to produce related research are now being reinforced in a big way at the country and regional levels. We’ve seen IBM in this field with its new Eagle quantum processor, and Google and Amazon are in the race as well. Real-life applications have already been identified.

Hybrid cloud evolves to decentralized databases and edge computing.

The rate of adoption of “everything as a service” continues, relying heavily on public cloud capabilities. The need for companies to increase bandwidth and decrease latency and response times is bringing edge computing into the mainstream.

AI will get smarter to optimize business processes.

We see a massive move to online work and e-commerce, and AI applications are helping build that tidal wave. At the same time, many think tanks are willing to prepare a more social, human-centered, educated AI that integrates more evenly into our day-to-day lives.

Cybersecurity goes to Zero Trust.

The move to cloud and the change in cyberattack patterns put more pressure on new cybersecurity solutions. Service providers are maturing and going mainstream with their “full cloud” solutions, such as secure access service edge or SASE. The challenge for enterprises is to understand which solutions are really delivering a Zero Trust solution with granular policy enforcement, both on-prem and in the cloud.

About the authors

Julien Escribe

Julien leads ISG’s digital practice in the South Europe and Middle East Region. Having been involved in more than 80 successful engagements in IT performance assessment and sourcing strategy, Julien brings his clients long-term experience and insight that draws from working with ten of ISG’s largest global clients. His tight focus on achieving business objectives makes him a trusted partner clients can rely on to deliver expert guidance and measurable bottom-line results. Julien has recently led a digital transformation strategy for IT, a hybrid-cloud computing solution design and a big data benchmark for major European corporations. He is fluent in French, English, and Italian.

Jeff Cosby

Jeff Cosby is an experienced telecom advisor and negotiator, specializing in telecommunications network sourcing and outsourcing projects, including long-term telecom outsourcing deals for large enterprises. Jeff has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, including strategic market planning, M&A, global account management, sales engineering, P&L leadership, cross functional team management, bankruptcy contract negotiation and both domestic and international telecom contract negotiation. In addition to his extensive telecommunication negotiation experience, Jeff has extensive global wire-line expertise throughout North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America.