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Collision avoidance system improves workplace safety for Powered Industrial Vehicles (PIV) 
Birlasoft teamed with a Fortune 500 Industrial manufacturing company to develop an anti-collision solution, which can be installed on any Powered Industrial Vehicle (PIV) – like a forklift – to alert its operator to avoid impending collision. The solution stands out for its modular IoT architecture, where it can be scaled to be PIV OEM agnostic and also address other industrial applications.
Blockchain platform for field services companies in the oil industry to be more efficient
Birlasoft partnered with a technology and service provider in the oil industry to build a platform for its customers to operate more efficiently. Catering to the needs of field services companies, the cloud-based platform uses automation along with blockchain to simplify and secure their workflows – and to operate more efficiently.
Automating report generation reduces errors and delays in supply chain execution 
Omni Logistics offers custom solutions for supply chain execution. For Omni, the efficient delivery of items depend on a lot of reports getting done accurately and on time. Cigniti teamed with Omni Logistics to automate this – reducing manual effort and improving the accuracy of business-critical paperwork.
Intelligence platform transforms a provider of building management services 
Cognizant worked with a provider of building management services to upgrade their infrastructure and systems. With intelligent monitoring, Cognizant was able to shift the emphasis away from dedicated monitoring, freeing up resources and costs. The solution also formed the base for attracting higher value rentals and grow the topline. The solution is the key for the investor or company who owns the building to be the greenest community in NY City and claim green rewards from the government.
“Digital Thread” tracks product performance for data insights to develop new products 
Cognizant implemented a Data Modernization Solution for Lexmark across seven use cases spanning functions (Design, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer services and Sales) that leveraged the Cognizant BigDecisions platform on MS Azure. This solution provides a unified view across the printer’s lifecycle, and its components from cradle to grave. The solution has helped Lexmark to optimize design and manufacturing, reduce supply chain inefficiencies through timely replenishments, arrest revenue leakages and improve customer satisfaction. Lexmark expects to improve time to market by 25% and reduce defects by 30%, as outcomes of this award-winning project.
Optimizing a technology platform for digital manufacturing 
Fictiv is a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem for custom manufactured parts, on-demand. This is accomplished largely through its quote-to-order platform where product manufacturing companies securely upload designs, get instant pricing, review AI-generated design for manufacturability (DfM) feedback, and place and track their orders. Those orders are then intelligently matched with machine shops in a global network who have available capacity. Fictiv partnered with Cybage to optimize this digital platform – to remove legacy components and to increase automation for tasks traditionally performed by humans. The new platform is highly scalable and adaptable to different geographies and complex manufacturing workflows around the world.
Platform modernization and data-centricity to support ten-fold growth 
Ampush, a digital marketing company, modernized their data platform for customer acquisition with the help of Cybage. Ampush helps their Brand clientele to acquire customers on Social and Search. Their legacy platform was built in silos and was limiting Ampush’s ability to draw cross-channel insights and expand the offerings. The new system enables channel agnostic data analysis thereby enabling Ampush to deliver greater value to their clientele.
Reimagining blender management to reduce operational costs and power business growth 
A leading provider of frozen beverages and self -service blenders, teamed up with eInfochips, an Arrow Electronics company, to develop a new Operating System and IoT platform to power the global fleet of over 20,000 blenders. The Next-Gen IoT solution connects blenders to the cloud and provides real-time visibility into blenders’ performance. As a result, client was able to reduce costs to operate the fleet in half and save over $1M in migration costs.
Agile transformation to a new digital operating model, drives growth and efficiency 
For one of the fastest growing health insurance companies in the United States, emids used an agile approach and a strong governance model to fast track a comprehensive digital transformation in 10 months. With the broad scope, the digital transformation included a redesigned platform that exceeded targets for new enrollments upon launch and savings in operating expenses.
AIOps adoption improves reliability of IT and business operations in mortgage services
GAVS Technologies partnered with a provider of mortgage services company in the US to deliver IT Services enabled by their proprietary AIOps solution, the Zero Incident Framework, that enabled significantly improved reliability of their IT and business operations. This cloud-based AI-led solution,, for an integrated Network Operations Center, allows the company to seamlessly monitor and analyze alerts from several internal tools in a “Single-Pane of Command”, but also correlate the incidents thereby reducing time to repair, and proactively predict critical system outages causing business disruptions. This ability of GAVS’ Zero Incident Framework was crucial to deliver on their promise of improved business service assurance and in-turn, customer satisfaction.
Infrastructure modernization with AI-led IT services for a non-profit healthcare system
GAVS Technologies teamed up with BronxCare Health System, a large non-profit healthcare system in the US, to modernize their IT infrastructure using their Datacenter-as-a-Service solution. GAVS introduced their AIOps solution to provide managed IT services enabling predictive IT operations that not only prevented system outages, but improved system availability for both clinical and non-clinical operations. GAVS helped reduce the cost of IT operations by over 40%, while the superior availability and performance of clinical and non-clinical systems allowed caregivers and staff alike to spend more time caring for patients.
Access to affordable housing in one of the country’s most expensive neighborhoods
The City of Aspen’s housing authority teamed up with Hexaware to transform their mostly paper system into an automated cloud platform; that would make it easier for citizens in one of the most expensive housing markets in the US to find affordable housing. Hexaware’s solution unified multiple services into one portal and created self-service tools to make it easier for people to manage their housing search. It also provides online services to renters and owners of the more than 3,000 deed restricted properties in the Aspen and Pitkin County area.
Three ecommerce shops launched under the gun of a Black Friday deadline
Ecommerce experiences for three furniture brands were launched by Hexaware for HNI in record time of under 60 days to meet a Black Friday deadline. This helped HNI grow in both the commercial office furniture space as well as the fast-growing market for home office equipment.
Custom-built influencer analytics platform to optimize influencer marketing
Infosys partnered with a leading maker of consumer products to build an influencer marketing analytics platform which selects influencers who have the right followers aligned with brand strategy. The tool empowered category managers to make faster decisions through scenario planning and influencer weed & feed capabilities Having their own platform freed them of agency costs or bias - with tangible cost savings which could now be reinvested for more influencer reach.
“Golden record” data platform of liens from 50 states powers new products and growth
Lien reports from the 50 secretaries of state are not uniformly consolidated. They are often inconsistent. Reformatting and verifying their information is a costly and time-consuming task. In bringing these disparate data sets into one easily-searched platform, Mindtree helped the Client, a provider of information services, to facilitate a single version of data truth and gain a unique ability to manage master, reference, transactional and analytical data points from all sources.
Digital data-collection avoids a low-point in customer experience
Mindtree partnered with Lincoln Financial Group to deliver a new digital, cloud-based tool to enhance the user experience for customers and prospective policyholders in their online purchase experience. The cloud architecture enabled new self-service capabilities, conveniently available on a 24x7 basis, and most importantly – avoiding an uncomfortable point of interaction in the customer journey.
Co-innovation during cloud adoption drives new products and revenue streams
The clients of a mortgage technology company, in aggregate, represent around half of all US home mortgages. In pursuing a move to the cloud for their systems, Persistent Systems not only delivered on the objectives for that, but also identified an opportunity to create a highly valuable industry dataset that the mortgage technology company could now take to the market as new products.
AI algorithm accelerates solution for early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer
Persistent Systems partnered with LungLife AI to develop an AI that uses image recognition and analysis software and a machine-learning algorithm to detect signs of cancer in blood samples. This speeds up the analysis and, it also cuts down on false positives.
Supercharging marketing and sales teams to achieve significant revenue boost
Claro Brasil, one of the top telecommunication companies in Brazil, was facing stiff competition in the prepaid business, causing it to lose both prepaid market and revenue shares. To increase stability on both fronts, Claro partnered with the Stefanini Group to deploy a platform that identified real-time insights from the actions and behaviors of Claro’s customers. 
This platform drove the revamp of Claro’s customer engagement strategy by implementing more personalized offers and improving the key metrics of revenue growth and customer retention by increasing customer lifetime value by 4.6% and revenue uplift by 6.7%.
Smart automation and enterprise agility combine for strong ROI and societal impact
As an incumbent partner to a large Canadian bank for the past seventeen years, Tech Mahindra stepped in to help them develop new smart automation solutions and processes to provide relief during the coronavirus quarantine. Their agile approach to building and rolling out new solutions helped the bank succeed at a time of crisis and uncertainty – by creating effective, automated processes to handle things like mortgage and credit card deferrals and relief payments within days.
Remote and install-anywhere device which monitors motor health
Nidec Motor Corporation and Tech Mahindra collaborated on a device that could remotely monitor the health of industrial motors in use globally. With predictive systems helping schedule repairs more accurately, money and time can be saved as technicians no longer need to travel to manually check the health of the machines.
AI-powered chatbots to reduce student uncertainty caused by the pandemic 
ThoughtFocus developed a chatbot for a leading university. Aimed at improving student engagement, the chatbot answers about various services on campus and enables self-services like class scheduling, and password updates.
Traditional freight broker bets on AI Platform to compete with digital disruptors
Traditional freight brokers face a challenge from digital startups to stay competitive and relevant. Tiger Analytics teamed up with a U.S.-based broker to stay ahead of the game with a digital transformation. A new data-driven platform, at the core of this strategy, unified multiple systems and used machine learning to deliver top- and bottom-line improvements.
Strong ROI and new consumer insights from fully automated contactless in-store checkout solution
UST teamed up with Retail Business Services, the services company of leading grocery retail group, Ahold Delhaize USA, to create a Walk-in, Walk-out solution, delivering a contactless store experience for their customers. The solution uses a combination of AI/ML technology, cameras, and weight sensors with edge computing technology and a cloud-based deployment. This delivers a higher ROI for retailers with 99% billing accuracy, zero shrinkage, and invaluable new insights into consumer shopping behavior.
Next generation digital in-store media and merchandising platform
Verizon and Cooler Screens, the company behind the digital in-store experience that replaces traditional cooler doors, have a strategic partnership to create and deploy next generation digital services for retailers. Verizon Business and Verizon Media are powering Cooler Screens digital media and merchandising platform through LTE connectivity and a fully managed solution including Internet of Things (IoT) condition-based monitoring, integrated service desk, and field services support. Verizon Media is extending its digital out of home (DOOH) advertising footprint to enhance in-store shopping experiences and Omni-channel advertising opportunities.
Agile approach to incubate new technology helps modernize airport operations
When IT systems in an airport fail, the cascading implications of that can be widespread. Wipro helped the Greater Toronto Airports Authority to reduce outages due to system failures by 85% by modernizing its technology infrastructure and further, put in place an agile approach to incubate new technology solutions across different parts of the airports' operations.


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