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Telematic device takes the guesswork out of automobile accident reporting 
Automobile accident reporting can be full of ambiguity for an insurance company, depending on sometimes-conflicting versions of people’s memories. A partnership with Fujitsu and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance takes some of the guesswork out with a telematic device that can record the car’s speed and positioning around the accident, and an AI-powered image recognition software which can distinguish details about the objects around it.
Digital banking platform launches in time to address usage surge
The Bank of the Philippine Islands partnered with Mobiquity - Hexaware's Customer Experience Transformation Service Line - to overhaul their online and mobile banking platform, delivering an MVP in just six months. That turned out to be a huge help to consumers who began to heavily rely on those channels during the coronavirus quarantine. Before the pandemic, 40 percent of the bank’s transactions were digital. This jumped to 90 percent when quarantines began.


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