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ClientCase Study Summary
“Digital Thread” tracks product performance for data insights to develop new products
Cognizant implemented a Data Modernization Solution for Lexmark across seven use cases spanning functions (Design, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer services and Sales) that leveraged the Cognizant BigDecisions platform on MS Azure. This solution provides a unified view across the printer’s lifecycle, and its components from cradle to grave. The solution has helped Lexmark to optimize design and manufacturing, reduce supply chain inefficiencies through timely replenishments, arrest revenue leakages and improve customer satisfaction. Lexmark expects to improve time to market by 25% and reduce defects by 30%, as outcomes of this award winning project.


Regional Standout: Americas
Industry Standout: Manufacturing


and Facilities


Intelligence platform transforms a provider of building management services
Cognizant worked with a provider of building management services to upgrade their infrastructure and systems. With intelligent monitoring, Cognizant was able to shift the emphasis away from dedicated monitoring, freeing up resources and costs. The solution also formed the base for attracting higher value rentals and grow the topline. The solution is the key for the investor or company who owns the building to be the greenest community in NY City and claim green rewards from the government.

Regional Standout: Americas
Industry Standout: Hospitality, travel & logistics


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