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Hospitality, Travel & Logistics Standouts

ProviderClientCase Study Summary
Automating report generation reduces errors and delays in supply chain execution 
Omni Logistics offers custom solutions for supply chain execution. For Omni, the efficient delivery of items depend on a lot of reports getting done accurately and on time. Cigniti teamed with Omni Logistics to automate this – reducing manual effort and improving the accuracy of business-critical paperwork.
Intelligence platform transforms a provider of building management services 
Cognizant worked with a provider of building management services to upgrade their infrastructure and systems. With intelligent monitoring, Cognizant was able to shift the emphasis away from dedicated monitoring, freeing up resources and costs. The solution also formed the base for attracting higher value rentals and grow the topline. The solution is the key for the investor or company who owns the building to be the greenest community in NY City and claim green rewards from the government.
Fortune 500 Global Logistics Company boosts customer experience with a digital solution for customs clearance
Happiest Minds partnered with a Fortune 500 Global logistics and shipping for a digital pathway to submit customs declarations. The solution automatically submits paperwork and related payments for customs clearance in multiple countries, integrating with their systems. This helped the logistics provider improve customer experience and enable hassle free transport of goods between countries amidst the challenges of BREXIT.
Automating ~10,000 declarations led to reduction in manual work leading to better productivity and cost optimization. Manually the process would be challenging, expensive, including hiring and training of multiple customs experts.
Traditional freight broker bets on AI Platform to compete with digital disruptors
Traditional freight brokers face a challenge from digital startups to stay competitive and relevant. Tiger Analytics teamed up with a U.S.-based broker to stay ahead of the game with a digital transformation. A new data-driven platform, at the core of this strategy, unified multiple systems and used machine learning to deliver top- and bottom-line improvements.
Agile approach to incubate new technology helps modernize airport operations
When IT systems in an airport fail, the cascading implications of that can be widespread. Wipro helped the Greater Toronto Airports Authority to reduce outages due to system failures by 85% by modernizing its technology infrastructure and further, put in place an agile approach to incubate new technology solutions across different parts of the airports' operations.


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