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New platform drives success for a partner ecosystem strategy 
The legacy insurance system used by HDFC Life had a major constraint, in that it required a lot of manual work in order to connect its workflows with its partners. Aspire Systems helped HDFC Life transform with a modern platform that delivered seamless, customizable access to their partners while reducing overhead and human error, thus allowing them to rapidly onboard more partners.
Digital platform to enable small and mid-size businesses in India manage their working capital 
Concentrix designed and developed Invoicemart – a digital marketplace for trade receivable and discounting, enabling corporate buyers, sellers and financial institutions to collaborate. This resulted in shorter payment cycles and improved cash flow. In just 3 years from its launch, Invoicemart has generated a record throughput with around $500 million in invoices processed – and growing strong!
Integrated platform for patient-centric services improves access and adherence to medication
A global pharma major and Tech Mahindra partnered for a Patient Support Program (PSP), a “beyond the pill” initiative to help patients by allaying their concerns and providing hope. This has improved access and adherence to medication, and thus led to better patient outcomes.  Connectsense™, Tech Mahindra’s platform for next-generation patient support programs helped go beyond simple adherence to a more holistic disease management – with various patient-centric services like disease education, medication reminders, patient counselling, reimbursement support, and telemedicine.
Blockchain To Mitigate Spam Calls and Texts: The “Great 1 Bn Subscriber Problem
Tata Tele and Tech Mahindra teamed up to alleviate the annoyance of spam calls and text messages. An improved “do-not-call” service uses blockchain to ensure that user consent and preferences are effectively captured and shared with all the key stakeholders including Telecom Service Providers, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Telemarketers and Principal Entities.. Unregistered telemarketers were blocked with immutable recording of subscribers’ data, real-time view of stakeholder activity on the chain and enhanced security  enabled by blockchain.
From branch to boundaryless – a digital transformation of financial services in India
In their pursuit of growth, Muthoot was looking to expand its operations into thousands of cities and towns in India. Secure and robust IT systems were essential to support this growth. A six-year partnership between Muthoot and UST reduced the need of branch-based operations while improving  data security and user experience. New branch provisioning time reduced from two months to two days as a result of a cloud-based architecture, and the fully digital operating model has led to vastly improved customer experience for the millions who depend on Muthoot’s financial services.


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