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Collision avoidance system improves workplace safety for Powered Industrial Vehicles (PIV) 
Birlasoft teamed with a Fortune 500 Industrial manufacturing company to develop an anti-collision solution, which can be installed on any Powered Industrial Vehicle (PIV) – like a forklift – to alert its operator to avoid impending collision. The solution stands out for its modular IoT architecture, where it can be scaled to be PIV OEM agnostic and also address other industrial applications.
Intelligent Document Automation platform finds risks in complex documentation
A multinational engineering and construction company teamed with Botminds to use AI and IPA for building risk profiles from complex tender documents. These documents, which can run thousands of pages, would take days of manual parsing with a high likelihood of errors. The automated solution which went from pilot to full solution in three months is not only faster, but also eliminates human error.
“Digital Thread” tracks product performance for data insights to develop new products 
Cognizant implemented a Data Modernization Solution for Lexmark across seven use cases spanning functions (Design, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer services and Sales) that leveraged the Cognizant BigDecisions platform on MS Azure. This solution provides a unified view across the printer’s lifecycle, and its components from cradle to grave. The solution has helped Lexmark to optimize design and manufacturing, reduce supply chain inefficiencies through timely replenishments, arrest revenue leakages and improve customer satisfaction. Lexmark expects to improve time to market and reduce defects, as outcomes of this award-winning project.





Digital platform transforms the relationship of an automobile manufacturer with its customers 
DXC Technology (DXC) teamed up with an automobile manufacturer in Europe and their financing arm to build a digital platform to manage billings and subscriptions. The company’s fleet of new vehicles are linked to this platform, expected to support two million customers by 2023. The platform itself enables new customer experiences, serves as an avenue for aftermarket sales; while it also brings new insights about their customer to the manufacturer.
Using AI to detect flaws in parts saves hours in production time 
Fujitsu and GKN Aerospace teamed up to develop an AI that can automatically detect flaws in airplane parts, cutting down on the time needed for inspection from hours to minutes, and as a result improving production throughput. It also reduces the dependence on highly skilled and difficult to find operators.
Digitally transforming how elevators are serviced with IoT
The OTIS Elevator Company partnered with LTI to conceptualize and redefine the way it serviced its global fleet of elevators. Based on a connected elevator maintenance ecosystem, OTIS now has superior asset visibility, proactive real-time monitoring and predictive insights as a result of this digital transformation. Enabling digital cognizance for field technicians has significantly reduced elevator downtime, lower service costs, and far fewer service calls.
Visualize it before you paint it – augmented reality for a real-life experience of wall color 
AkzoNobel and Mindtree partnered on building a visualizer that aims to ease the consumers journey to make a choice of wall color. With over a million downloads in the past 6 months and seamless access (>98% crash free downloads), the app gives AkzoNobel a new level of customer reach and a potential to enhance this channel further.
Remote and install-anywhere device which monitors motor health
Nidec Motor Corporation and Tech Mahindra collaborated on a device that could remotely monitor the health of industrial motors in use globally. With predictive systems helping schedule repairs more accurately, money and time can be saved as technicians no longer need to travel to manually check the health of the machines.


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