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Public Sector Standouts

ProviderClientCase Study Summary
Innovative automation with daily releases for the rollout of citizen support schemes
To support the UK government’s COVID-19 support schemes, Coforge worked with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) with solutions to enable fast payments to legitimate claimants in urgent need of support whilst also identifying fraudulent claims and blocking them. New schemes had to be live within just days of being announced - and Coforge stepped in to urgently transform these systems so the Government's plan would reach all citizens and businesses.
App that connects the deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired with phone services
Concentrix Tigerspike teamed up with the Australian government to re-platform and upgrade an application that allows deaf or hard-of-hearing citizens to make phone calls. The app connects users with an intermediary who reads typed messages to a third party over the phone and types that person’s responses back. Concentrix Tigerspike worked with an advocacy group while developing the app, to better understand which features should be implemented and prioritized.
Access to affordable housing in one of the country’s most expensive neighborhoods
The City of Aspen’s housing authority teamed up with Hexaware to transform their mostly paper system into an automated cloud platform; that would make it easier for citizens in one of the most expensive housing markets in the US to find affordable housing. Hexaware’s solution unified multiple services into one portal and created self-service tools to make it easier for people to manage their housing search. It also provides online services to renters and owners of the more than 3,000 deed restricted properties in the Aspen and Pitkin County area.
Virtual program lets government workers train in “safe” environment
Materna developed a software emulator to help the 80,000 employees of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The solution allows the workforce to familiarize themselves with a new digital file management system in a safe and flexible environment – and allow MWIDE to roll out training wider, faster, and much cheaper without the cost or effort of setting up a separate controlled training space on the “live” file management system.
Unified Mobile Platform to integrate all citizen and business services
The Municipal body with jurisdiction over city services and the upkeep of facilities in the Emirate of Dubai, with over 3.3 million residents, was faced with a mandate to eliminate all paper-based government transactions by 2021. 
A key initiative was to develop a unified mobile platform to enable citizens and businesses to transact with their local government. As Mendix had already been chosen as a platform, the solution uses custom APIs and frameworks to overcome any related limitations for highly scalable mobile solution.
AI designed to bring empathy in providing coronavirus related updates to businesses
Probe Group used their Intelligent Outreach AI platform to help a Government agency in Australia communicate with businesses registered in the state. The use of a voicebot at scale without losing any sensitivity was made possible by the use AI to bring empathy to such automated communications in the context of COVID-19.

AI-powered chatbots to reduce student uncertainty caused by the pandemic 
ThoughtFocus developed a chatbot for a leading university. Aimed at improving student engagement, the chatbot answers about various services on campus and enables self-services like class scheduling, and password updates.


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