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Accelerating Business Model Transformation to Increase Sales through Digital Channels
Studio Retail Group historically operated as a catalogue business. Hexaware partnered with Studio on its online journey to help the business transform into a fully digital online shop – this was particularly significant in Studio’s response to the pandemic. The updated digital architecture makes it easier to implement new applications and, in the process, helped grow the company’s customer base by more than 200,000 shoppers.
Omni-channel platform boosts digital sales and optimizes order fulfillment 
Infosys worked with a major footwear and sports apparel maker to transform their order management system, turning a siloed system into global omni-channel system. The solution from Infosys helped improve visibility into the company’s inventory at every point along its supply chain and across channels. In doing this and more, the solution enabled the apparel maker to achieve higher levels of digital sales and optimized order fulfillment.
Live Enterprise Operational CoE relies on data, technology, and risk expertise to prevent fraud
adidas and Infosys BPM teamed up for a Live Enterprise CoE to prevent fraud. The Infosys BPM solution combined a point of service data mining tool with a strategy and operational capability that can create new insights into fraud, and thwart it. With this CoE, adidas was able to research new kinds of fraud, target analysis on individual transactions, and better coordinate efforts for superior loss prevention.
Strong ROI and new consumer insights from fully automated contactless in-store checkout solution
UST teamed up with Retail Business Services, the services company of leading grocery retail group, Ahold Delhaize USA, to create a Walk-in, Walk-out solution, delivering a contactless store experience for their customers. The solution uses a combination of AI/ML technology, cameras, and weight sensors with edge computing technology and a cloud-based deployment. This delivers a higher ROI for retailers with 99% billing accuracy, zero shrinkage, and invaluable new insights into consumer shopping behavior.
Next generation digital in-store media and merchandising platform
Verizon and Cooler Screens, the company behind the digital in-store experience that replaces traditional cooler doors, have a strategic partnership to create and deploy next generation digital services for retailers. Verizon Business and Verizon Media are powering Cooler Screens digital media and merchandising platform through LTE connectivity and a fully managed solution including Internet of Things (IoT) condition-based monitoring, integrated service desk, and field services support. Verizon Media is extending its digital out of home (DOOH) advertising footprint to enhance in-store shopping experiences and Omni-channel advertising opportunities.


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