ISG Digital Case Study AwardsTM 

ClientCase Study Standout

Network system transformation unlocks potential to improve efficiency and productivity

Tech Mahindra teamed with Exxaro, a coal mining and renewable energy company, to expand their network capabilities which was inhibiting their adoption of Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions. The solution from Tech Mahindra allowed them the bandwidth and coverage to implement new tools for helping automate equipment, manage their fleet, and protect workers. Ultimately, the work expanded the coverage of the network by 30% percent, improved overall utilization and cut costs.

Regional Standout: Southern Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Industry Standout: Energy and Utilities

Remote and install-anywhere device which monitors motor health

Nidec Motor Corporation and Tech Mahindra collaborated on a device that could remotely monitor the health of industrial motors in use globally. With predictive systems helping schedule repairs more accurately, money and time can be saved as technicians no longer need to travel to manually check the health of the machines.

Regional Standout: Americas
Industry Standout: Manufacturing

Blockchain To Mitigate Spam Calls and Texts: The “Great 1 Bn Subscriber Problem”

Tata Tele and Tech Mahindra teamed up to alleviate the annoyance of spam calls and text messages. An improved “do-not-call” service uses blockchain to ensure that user consent and preferences are effectively captured and shared with all the key stakeholders including Telecom Service Providers, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Telemarketers and Principal Entities.. Unregistered telemarketers were blocked with immutable recording of subscribers’ data, real -time view of stakeholder activity on the chain and enhanced security enabled by blockchain.

Regional Standout: India
Industry Standout: Communication, Media and Entertainment

Integrated platform for patient-centric services improves access and adherence to medication

A global pharma major and Tech Mahindra partnered for a Patient Support Program (PSP), a “beyond the pill” initiative to help patients by allaying their concerns and providing hope. This has improved access and adherence to medication, and thus led to better patient outcomes. Connectsense™, Tech Mahindra’s platform for next-generation patient support programs helped go beyond simple adherence to a more holistic disease management – with various patient-centric services like disease education, medication reminders, patient counselling, reimbursement support, and telemedicine.

Regional Standout: India
Industry Standout: Health and Life Sciences

Smart automation and enterprise agility combine for strong ROI and societal impact

As an incumbent partner to a large Canadian bank for the past seventeen years, Tech Mahindra stepped in to help them develop new smart automation solutions and processes to provide relief during the coronavirus quarantine. Their agile approach to building and rolling out new solutions helped the bank succeed at a time of crisis and uncertainty – by creating effective, automated processes to handle things like mortgage and credit card deferrals and relief payments within days.

Regional Standout: Americas
Industry Standout: Banking and Financial Services

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