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Machine learning helps identify and investigate fraudulent user activity at scale 
BRIDGEi2i worked with a Fortune 100 global technology leader company to develop a system to better identify suspicious user accounts on their platform. Investigation time reduced from days to hours, as this new system leveraged machine learning and statistical techniques to process records and users, at a previously unprecedented scale. A tenfold increase in the detection and removal of fraudulent accounts was a direct outcome from this.
Optimizing a technology platform for digital manufacturing 
Fictiv is a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem for custom manufactured parts, on-demand. This is accomplished largely through its quote-to-order platform where product manufacturing companies securely upload designs, get instant pricing, review AI-generated design for manufacturability (DfM) feedback, and place and track their orders. Those orders are then intelligently matched with machine shops in a global network who have available capacity. Fictiv partnered with Cybage to optimize this digital platform – to remove legacy components and to increase automation for tasks traditionally performed by humans. The new platform is highly scalable and adaptable to different geographies and complex manufacturing workflows around the world.

Platform modernization and data-centricity to support ten-fold growth 
Ampush, a digital marketing company, modernized their data platform for customer acquisition with the help of Cybage. Ampush helps their Brand clientele to acquire customers on Social and Search. Their legacy platform was built in silos and was limiting Ampush’s ability to draw cross-channel insights and expand the offerings. The new system enables channel agnostic data analysis thereby enabling Ampush to deliver greater value to their clientele.
Rice trading platform uses blockchain to integrate supply chain, connect rice farmers with buyers 
The rice market is an ancient, complex but important one, delivering the main source of nourishment for billions of people on Earth. Rice Exchange partnered with Fujitsu to develop a platform that delivers more transparency and convenience through RiceX - a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. By integrating blockchain technology, Rice Exchange’s platform is offering trusted information, unlocking new business possibilities to all parties.


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