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United Kingdom & Ireland (UKI) Standouts

ProviderClientCase Study Summary
Continuous testing powered by automation. Improves time to market, customer satisfaction
Atom bank, a leading digital challenger bank, partnered with Cigniti to create a continuous testing process. This was crucial for the bank ahead of important product launches. Cigniti’s automated continuous testing found 80% of defects early in the life-cycle resulting in effort and cost savings across IT (Dev and Test). The overall testing process shrank from weeks to hours, giving the bank the capability to launch new products faster and introduce changes on-demand – leading to substantial improvement in end-user experience.
Innovative automation with daily releases for the rollout of citizen support schemes
To support the UK government’s COVID-19 support schemes, Coforge worked with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) with solutions to enable fast payments to legitimate claimants in urgent need of support whilst also identifying fraudulent claims and blocking them. New schemes had to be live within just days of being announced - and Coforge stepped in to urgently transform these systems so the Government's plan would reach all citizens and businesses.
Automated platform improves underwriting efficiency, time to market and enterprise agility 
Tokio Marine HCC International and Coforge worked together on a new underwriting platform that updated and unified the insurance company’s systems. The new system is efficient and faster to implement, and it is cheaper to maintain; and Coforge says it helps the company get to market quickly when their clients are in an urgent need for coverage.
Data-Driven Range Planning & Assortment Optimization
eClerx worked in partnership with RS Components to bring advanced analytics to make range decisions. RS carries a large catalogue of about 500,000 SKUs with thousands of brands, across several countries. The problem statement was, at a granular level from country category through to and SKU level, to recommend which products commercially to keep, remove, improve and add in the range mix, based on internal and external factors. Taking a more data-driven approach, the objective was to optimize the assortment decision making process to be scalable, faster, objective, and less manual intensive.
AI-powered intelligence platform breaks down the barrier of operating silos 
Client and EXL Service created a platform called MIA (Management Information Assistant) to unify data from many siloed systems and operating divisions. The platform has been transformational for the company's operations, helping them improve customer experience and capture back revenues lost to billing errors, over and above direct savings from better workforce productivity.
Using AI to detect flaws in parts saves hours in production time 
Fujitsu and GKN Aerospace teamed up to develop an AI that can automatically detect flaws in airplane parts, cutting down on the time needed for inspection from hours to minutes, and as a result improving production throughput. It also reduces the dependence on highly skilled and difficult to find operators. 
Fortune 500 Global Logistics Company boosts customer experience with a digital solution for customs clearance
Happiest Minds partnered with a Fortune 500 Global logistics and shipping for a digital pathway to submit customs declarations. The solution automatically submits paperwork and related payments for customs clearance in multiple countries, integrating with their systems. This helped the logistics provider improve customer experience and enable hassle free transport of goods between countries amidst the challenges of BREXIT. Automating ~10,000 declarations led to reduction in manual work leading to better productivity and cost optimization. Manually the process would be challenging, expensive, including hiring and training of multiple customs experts.
IoT and advanced analytics combine for new insights in construction and civil infrastructure
DYWIDAG conceptualized and partnered with Happiest Minds to build a new digital platform that ingested data and build insights for construction and civil infrastructure projects. Called “Infrastructure Intelligence,” the platform brought together IoT, Industry 4.0, cloud data management and advanced analytics to help customers optimize operations and costs, or to extend the life of critical civil infrastructure.
Accelerating Business Model Transformation to Increase Sales through Digital Channels
Studio Retail Group historically operated as a catalogue business. Hexaware partnered with Studio on its online journey to help the business transform into a fully digital online shop – this was particularly significant in Studio’s response to the pandemic. The updated digital architecture makes it easier to implement new applications and, in the process, helped grow the company’s customer base by more than 200,000 shoppers.
Upgraded IT infrastructure for pandemic response scales remote work, reduces TCO
Ardonagh Group faced an urgent need to enable their office-based workforce to work remotely. Mphasis partnered with them to set up support within 48 hours of the pandemic and ultimately enabled more than 4,000 workers to work remotely, up from 500 at the start of the crisis. More importantly, the infrastructure upgrade taken up as a pandemic response did not only scale remote work for them, but it also reduced their TCO going forward.
Automated solution to reduce paperwork, manual efforts, and errors in closing mortgage accounts
WNS teamed up with a financial services customer in the UK to automate the closing of mortgage accounts when the terms have been met or the account has been transferred. The solution replaces an important process bringing to it greater speed and accuracy, while also saving repetitive manual work – and consequently improving employee morale.


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