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Business Operations & Automation

Struggling to improve inconsistent business processes and systems in a cost-effective way?

Plan your enhancements in waves or leapfrog gaps in technology or automation. Seasoned experts at ISG can recommend ways to optimize and digitize processes that will leverage best practices, priorities and nuances to best suit your objectives. You face two big options when it comes to transformation:

  • Non-digital process improvement levers
  • Applying digital and emerging technologies to transform

Optimize your business operations across the enterprise

finance and accounting

Finance & Accounting (F&A)



human resources

Human Resources (HR)

customer experience

Customer Experience (CX)

facilities management

Facilities Management

insurance operations

Insurance Operations

Plan & Execute Your Transformation

How do you establish and execute a purpose-built transformation agenda? Start by identifying large areas of opportunity.

  • Eliminate waste and non-value-added activity 
  • Automate processes and apply advanced analytics
  • Standardize, simplify and source processes 
  • Optimize your target operating model

ISG combines design thinking, visioning and the “art of the possible” to identify innovative future states.

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How do you optimize your operations, cut costs and drive innovation?

Improve performance, increase agility and spend less.

Collaborative Sourcing

Our proven ISG FutureSource™ methodology is collaborative and data-driven to help you make business process sourcing decisions that deliver more innovative solutions to achieve your business needs. You get a faster result and a strong, sustainable partnership to help you get ahead.

Transform Business from the Inside Out

Centralize, standardize and harmonize back-office functions into a Global Business Services (GBS) model to save costs, increase service quality, leverage scale and respond quickly to business demand.

Advanced Procurement

Consolidate, standardize or source procurement activities to consolidate and leverage company-wide spend with a limited number of suppliers. Leverage ISG's expertise to optimize your supply base, generate savings and leverage advanced analytics for spend visibility, consumption patterns and supply market insights.

Enabling your business operations to meet the fast-paced demands of today’s marketplace takes a special combination of domain knowledge, process expertise and technology savvy. ISG has a finger on the pulse of critical business operations decisions and tech, such as intelligent automation and blockchain. Whatever your business operations challenges are, ISG can help.

Client Stories

Finance Service Delivery Transformation

Jun 22, 2021, 14:20 PM
ISG helped a water solutions company establish an optimized global business service delivery model.
Title : Finance Service Delivery Transformation
Alternate title :
A global water solutions and water technology company created a corporate strategy to expand shared services and build a Global Business Services (GBS) organization across Finance and Procurement as a means to achieve savings needed to meet financial targets.  The finance organization required a technology orchestration layer, global process framework and standardization and automation to transform and enable GBS.
The company engaged ISG to develop a service delivery model strategy, establish current baseline, complete an automation assessment and perform business case analysis, and ultimately chose to outsource global F&A with ISG supporting service provider selection and contracting.
ISG conducted a data collection exercise to develop a baseline and identify opportunities for service delivery model improvements including automation (RPA/AI).  Concurrently, ISG led the client through an RFP to evaluate and deliver a technology orchestration later for finance, select an outsourced service provider, implement and manage automation, implement a Global Process Framework, right-sized retained organization with proper roles, and implement full Governance. 
ISG advised and supported the client through a comprehensive, end to end program that addressed resolving technology challenges, quickly implementing and realizing the benefits of RPA, addressing operational effectiveness with global process standardization and implementing GBS.
Outsourced F&A to a service provider for expedited implementation of a technology orchestration layer, systems integration support, RPA implementation and ongoing management, and implementation of a Global Process Framework.
The company achieved F&A cost savings including a committed productivity yield of 46% from service provider, implementation of a technology orchestration layer, rebadge of some resources from internal captive to outsourcer.  Client was able to forego planned ERP investments. Total GBS program delivered $150M in annual savings.
ISG provided comprehensive support that resulted in client  contracting for outsourced services in an expedited timeframe and quickly realizing benefits.  
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finance service delivery transformation
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