For Corporate’s Sake: Know Your Procedures for Global Systems Access


Over the past two decades, IT teams have been adopting practices from agile development methodology – or at least a hybrid-agile approach – in which rapid software development and delivery methods rule supreme. These practices have been shown to increase speed to market, but with such rapid development always comes the need for accelerated and organized provisioning of user credentials to access corporate enterprise systems.

The accelerated rate of work poses new challenges to enterprises with identity access and management (IAM) teams who are charged with provisioning enterprise system access in a timely manner while complying with corporate and security policies. Global corporations can expect to face even more challenges due to differences in local laws and culture from one country to another. Understanding, documenting and testing the user credential provisioning process in advance exposes risks, dependencies, unique requirements and approvals to projects launching safely and on time. This ISG white paper explores how a simple and preemptive IAM solution can turn an ill-fated, discover-and-react-as-you-go approach into a strategic and productive method for keeping IT projects on the agile track.

About the author

Sharon D. Richards manages robotic process automation (RPA) projects that lead to outstanding results for ISG clients. She has over 35 years of experience in software engineering and project management. Since joining ISG, Sharon has managed the automation of wellness claims and termination processes for the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. She also has managed a global team in support of a multibillion dollar financial services company in the automation of several financial processes. Sharon leverages her vast technical experience in areas such as RPA development and testing when needed.