ISG Momentum® Market Trends & Insights 2017 Geography Report

Outsourcing spending is on the rise again in most major markets. This resurgence isn’t being driven by access to new low-cost service destinations, but instead by enterprises that are trying to accelerate their understanding and use of digital technologies. Demand for increased automation is motivating much current outsourcing demand. A second trend that bears watching is that automation is also influencing where outsourced work takes place. Clients are realizing that automated work can be performed anywhere, which is causing them to question whether distant offshore destinations are still the best fit for their sourcing models.

Increased automation and nearshoring are two of the most consistent trends we uncovered in our country-by-country analysis for the 2017 ISG Momentum® Market Trends & Insights Geography Report. Improving market conditions was another widespread development. Please read this report to learn more, and follow up with us if you’d like to learn more about the data, trends or technology developments that are shaping the current market.

The full report provides global, regional, sub-regional and country-level data about outsourcing spending, penetration rates and other key metrics. The report also includes in-depth profiles of more than three dozen countries that are large markets for outsourcing services and/or leading locations for service delivery. Market data is presented in more than 400 charts, tables and other graphics and country profiles include firsthand observations about local outsourcing trends, client preferences and provider activity reported by ISG professionals working in the countries.

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