ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast Episode 13: COVID-19 – Minimizing the Disruption


As the effort to slow the COVID-19 virus disrupts our lives, organizations are swiftly reacting to their governments’ calls to close offices and limit or ban social gatherings by asking their employees to work from home. What does this degree of disruption mean for businesses in the short, medium and long term? What measures can we put in place now to weather the storm and ensure we emerge in the best possible shape?

Listen in to this special edition of the ISG Smartalks™ podcast as host, Barry Matthews, speaks to ISG Partners Bill Huber and David Lewis about the practical steps businesses can take to protect their revenues and manage costs during these uncertain times. Now more than ever organizations need a roadmap. Re-evaluating supply chains, business continuity plans and contracts are essential first steps as we respond to the current public health and economic crisis. Cloud solutions, as-a-service technology, automation and careful supplier management each will play an important role in allowing businesses to retrench and scale up again quickly when the worst is behind us.

There’s no doubt many parts of business operations will be permanently impacted. An organization’s ability to survive and recover will depend on the actions its leaders take now. Human ingenuity is strong, and we believe innovative technologies and responsible work protocols will emerge from the ashes of the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

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About the authors

Bill is a sourcing industry leader and active proponent of helping to create professional standards and best practices. His areas of expertise include sourcing strategies, shared services and contract negotiations. Throughout his career he has been responsible for both business development and delivery of strategic advisory services in procurement, vendor management and operational transformation.

David Lewis is a seasoned technology research and advisory executive with significant experience helping clients navigate turbulent market conditions and achieve significant and sustainable cost reduction across Technology and Business Operations functions. He works across all industries helping enterprises develop and execute integrated holistic cost optimization strategies that are actionable. His cost optimization work is supported by ISG’s market leading data and delivered rapidly in a self-funding fashion. David has worked with Fortune 1000 companies across industries on large scale transformational initiatives and digital and disruptive technology programs. He has also negotiated and managed sourcing engagements valued in excess of $10B across IT and business process functions. David has a strong track record of developing and maintaining C-suite relationships.