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The  coronavirus pandemic means enterprises must reevaluate operational contingency plans both internally and with our provider partners. Every enterprise must take decisive steps to navigate the rapidly emerging business challenges and keep their people safe.

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The Future of Work – Redesigning Operations and Customer Experience

The enormous challenges the world is facing today are presenting enormous opportunities. Organizations that embed new ways of working into day-to-day operations can solve for both resiliency and competitive advantage while they fundamentally improve the customer experience. This affects everything from customer engagement at the contact center to the support of operations and the supply of data. Managing these components with a digital focus should be thought of as one holistic, new ecosystem.

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Webinar: Digital Governance: From Gut Instinct to Real-time Insight

Clients and suppliers have great potential for service excellence, but they often fall short because of a myriad of disconnects. Along with a clear, strategic approach to governance, technology and tooling can help bridge gaps in surprising ways; from improving the way enterprises and their third-parties manage the relationship at a human level, to improving cost management and regulatory compliance.


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