The Business Case for Transformation to Ethernet


Across the globe, time-division multiplexing (TDM) services are sunsetting, forcing customers to examine the business case for an Ethernet transformation. This ISG white paper, sponsored by CenturyLink, describes Carrier Ethernet services and explores its advantages over legacy TDM services and the barriers and incentives for customers to start a transformation to Ethernet. Whether a customer is just beginning or continuing their digital journey, this paper provides insights in how Carrier Ethernet supports an agile, assured and orchestrated digital backbone.

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About the authors

David is an information technology professional possessing a unique multi-disciplinarian skill set, a strong business acumen, and an insatiable passion to improve organizational performance. In his career, David has never accepted a position with a pre-defined role, always bringing an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that improves operations and generates new opportunities. David has won several industry awards for business intelligence and resource management. David leverages his broad experience and research capabilities to help clients realize untapped potential of people, processes, technology, and relationships.

Margot has been a principal consultant with ISG since 2007, directly responsible for production and development of ISG Provider Services Carrier Deliverables, including Market Trends, Win/Loss Reports and additional ISG Research. With more than 25 years’ experience in telecom, she brings considerable depth and breadth in network technologies and solutions, having represented all facets of both the client and carrier side of the equation.