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ISG Star of Excellence™

Welcome to the ISG Star of Excellence™ Program

Featured Webinar: ISG Star of Excellence™ – 2024 Global Kick-off

The Star of Excellence™ is an independent recognition of excellent service delivery based on the concept of “Voice of the Customer.” The Star of Excellence is a program, designed by ISG, to collect client feedback about service providers’ success in demonstrating the highest standards of client service excellence and customer centricity. 


What is the Star of Excellence™?

The global survey is all about services that are associated with the ISG Provider Lens™ (IPL) set of studies. The Star of Excellence survey aims at understanding client experience with their service and technology providers across six categories​ which includes collaboration and transparency, execution and delivery, people and cultural fit, governance and compliance, innovation and thought leadership, and business continuity. The collected information feeds in and is part of IPL provider positioning evaluation. The survey is open 365 days a year.


All IPL studies and thus ISG Research Analysts will be continuously provided with information on the customer experience of all relevant service and technology providers. This information comes on top of existing first hand advisor feedback that IPL leverages in context of its practitioner-led consulting approach. ISG will use the insights gained to enrich the sourcing and thus also consulting business.

Providers are invited to nominate their clients to participate. Enterprise clients can also register for the survey on their own to provide feedback on service and technology providers.

It is our vision that the Star of Excellence™ will be the leading industry recognition for client service excellence and serve as the benchmark for measuring client sentiments. The providers with highest customer experience scores will be awarded as the Winners, in the overall Star of Excellence awards. Separate leadership trophies will be awarded for following four categories – Technology, Industry, Emerging Tech and for each Region.​


Importance of this Program

Since 2018, ISG sponsors the Star of Excellence Program for the benefit of the sourcing industry. ISG believes it is critically important to recognize providers who are consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences. By making customer experience a key competitive differentiator, the Star of Excellence will encourage the broader industry to make this a key focus area.



Most notably, is the link to ISG's sourcing practice via data integration into the ISG Provider Lens (IPL) Program. The client feedback is a part of the IPL research process, and with rich client participation, IPL analysts are better informed to evaluate and position service and technology providers. With rich enterprise client participation through continuous nomination of referrals service and technology providers can ensure that ISG advisors as well as the market as a whole are well-informed about their client-centricity and customer service excellence approach.