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ISG Star of Excellence™ - Nominate

Download the Star of Excellence Brochure

We encourage all providers to nominate their clients to participate in the ISG Star of Excellence™ (SoE) program.

Why is this important?

  • CX insights influence the position in the ISG Provider Lens (IPL) quadrants and, thus, the analyst/consultant perception in the sourcing business
  • Track and understand enterprise CX with IT and business services/solutions by industry or region to improve
  • Receive awards and make use of benchmark reports for marketing campaigns to inform the market about your client-centricity in comparison with the industry average

How to nominate?

Please use the form below for individual nominations or the link to the bulk nomination (click here) to provide us with all the necessary information about your customer(s). Start with selecting the type of your firm and then choose a content item.

Next steps and schedule:
Your client will receive an email with a unique link to provide your evaluation(s) within 48 hrs and you will receive a receipt too.

Completion of the survey will take approximately 15 minutes.  Your client can elect to receive a free copy of the associated IPL report that their feedback will influence.

The opportunity for customer nomination is available 365 days a year. Before the start of the fourth quarter, ISG Research separates CX data collected over the year to provide awards for outstanding customer experience annually.

Compliance and use of data

CX insights during the year are provided directly to the IPL teams and are otherwise always used for the awards at the end of the year. ISG does not disclose customers' names, so no official reference customers are necessary.

If you require any assistance, please email [email protected].