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ISG Star of Excellence™ - 2021 Awards

"In the fourth year of Star of Excellence, ISG is back with results of its voice of customer study with focus on six categories defining customer experience across technology sourcing. ISG Star of Excellence recognizes providers who deliver excellent service with client centricity and awards those who rise above the rest with exceptional experience scores. This year’s ISG Star of Excellence report is part of a revamped global program that now also connects with ISG Provider Lens."

Paul Gottsegen,
Partner and President, ISG Research & Client Experience


The ISG Star of Excellence™ is an independent, industry wide program assessing Voice of the Customer. It is an industry recognized award for excellence in customer service measured across six categories – Collaboration and Transparency; Execution and Delivery; People and Cultural Fit; Governance and Compliance; Innovation and Thought Leadership; Business Continuity and Flexibility. Star of Excellence is awarded annually to the service providers across various categories.

In 2021, ISG surveyed around 2,000 enterprise clients for customer experience feedback about their experience on working with over 1,000 individual IT Service providers. Based on respondent’s feedback, winners were selected based on eligibility criteria with high customer experience scores. The assessment had around 30 qualified services providers who have excelled in providing customer experience.


Provider Nominations 

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Watch the ISG Star of Excellence™ 2021 Awards Ceremony