Client Stories

B2B Web3 Opportunities for a Manufacturer

ISG defined business to business (B2B) Web3 applications for a large manufacturing organization to create new revenue streams.



The IT department of a leading manufacturing and energy company had been undergoing a transformative shift, evolving from a shared service model to a thought leader and strategic business partner model.

In light of the rapid adoption of Web3 technology, the IT leadership team sought to explore and identify relevant Web3 B2B applications that aligned with the organization's core objectives. Understanding these applications was essential in driving innovation and ensuring a competitive edge in the industry.

To achieve this, the IT department required a comprehensive strategy outlining its approach towards Web3 integration. This plan encompassed the selection and prioritization of initial pilot projects that demonstrated the potential value of Web3 technology, ultimately positioning the IT organization as a key strategic partner in the company's growth and success.

Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG conducted an extensive analysis of the industry sectors that the company had a footprint in to identify the most promising B2B opportunities. Key opportunities discovered include establishing a first-mover advantage in the carbon credit market and expanding its range of consulting services. 

To effectively implement pilot projects utilizing innovative Web3 technologies, ISG proposed establishing a new IT organization. This organization featured a Center of Excellence (CoE) to not only drive the initial pilots but also to facilitate ongoing capability development across the entire organization. 

Recognizing the novelty of Web3 technology, ISG organized an educational session aimed at enhancing the knowledge base throughout the company’s operations. The session covered the various layers of Web3 and potential implications, ensuring a solid understanding of the technology's potential impact.


Future Made Possible

  • The IT organization successfully demonstrated its thought leadership and solidified a strategic business partnership for all its business divisions.
  • The company promptly initiated high-impact Web3 pilot projects, securing the first-mover advantage and capturing a new market segment.
  • By strategically positioning itself as a Web3 leader, the company developed capabilities ahead of its competitors.