Client Stories

Enabling Service Management Transformation for a Global Mining Client

ISG combines organizational change management (OCM), target operating model and IT service management expertise and our relationship-health tool to help one of the world’s largest metals and mining corporations ready 47,000 workers for a new ServiceNow platform, related IT processes and organizational changes.



A multinational metals and mining company with more than 47,000 employees needed OCM assistance with an overhaul of its IT service management system and related impacts. The big initiative includes 10 time zones, two languages, changes to dozens of processes and workers with a deep amount of change fatigue. ISG brought in a specialist team to provide new stability to the OCM function of the program. The team entered a tumultuous environment, following multiple business restructures, but was able to seamlessly integrate with the internal OCM personnel experiencing limited capacity.

A core ISG OCM team quickly got to work with several activities to help with stakeholder management, communications and training to make employees feel more comfortable. The ISG team, which also included IT service management and operating model experts, focused on supporting business owners and supplementing the client’s own high-level OCM view with more concrete strategies, plans and daily execution. ISG also identified critical requirements not previously captured, and we used a relationship-health tool to measure employee satisfaction with their workplace technology.

Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

Over more than a year and multiple contract extensions, ISG’s OCM team has been building strong client relationships with stellar work around the coming introduction of the latest release of ServiceNow. The OCM work takes a holistic view, adopting a greater focus on user experience, shifting from entrenched behaviors toward a more agile mindset.

The ISG OCM team built the commitment to change with a comprehensive stakeholder analysis, OCM strategy work, operating model support and more. We tailored communications for specific audiences with a series of weekly updates, all-hands meetings, drop-ins on specific topics with question-and-answer sessions, business and technical showcases, a well-utilized Yammer social-media channel and a new SharePoint site. ISG also provided training services, including a detailed training approach, surveys, training reports and oversight of the training rollout in multiple countries and business units. The team has also used a change network to build sponsorship and drive messages to peers.


Future Made Possible

  • The company will soon launch its new ServiceNow platform with updated processes and an updated operating model. 
  • The ISG team helped identify more than two-dozen functionality gaps between the new system and what the client actually needed, well in time to make the required adjustments.
  • The company benefited from ISG’s solid approach to communications, which resulted in numerous targeted channels of available information, including dozens of events, emailed updates, Yammer chats and much more.
  • Training was rolled out in a “train the trainer” model with participants in 10 time zones and delivery required in English and French (Canadian).
  • The OCM approach and execution enabled employees to be better informed on a regular basis, setting such a high standard that other project teams at this company are now modeling it for other engagements.