Client Stories

Global Sourcing of End User Compute Services

Market engagement for global EUC environment to modernise and introduce standardised service offerings, leading to material cost reductions, significant risk reduction, productivity improvements and enhanced customer satisfaction.



A large multinational logistics company was facing challenges across their EUC environment on multiple fronts:

  • Lack of standardization: no common, standardized platform globally with limited mobility solutions;
  • High risk environment: high percentage of aged hardware & disparate legacy business systems with significant data security concerns across the fleet impacting the ability to maintain the EUC landscape in a stable & secure manner;
  • Inferior service responsiveness: Lack of automation or orchestration of common tasks, with dated manual processes and procedures, leading to a very reactive and unresponsive service management capability; and
  • High cost to maintain: as a result of the disparate and fragmented nature of the EUC environment and support model, high cost to serve and limited ability to proactively manage costs.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG led the client in a sourcing engagement to select a global strategic partner for EUC Services. This included leading :

  • Requirements & Objectives: leveraging ISG’s global market intelligence, tailoring EUC go-to-market materials & conducting market scans to identify suitable global partners;
  • Sourcing selection & contracts: driving market engagement to identify lead suppliers, down-select and negotiate contracts; and
  • Business Case & Benefits Realisation: as part of a broader strategic engagement, development of overarching business case & benefits realisation to ensure contracted savings were realized by the global enterprise;

Future Made Possible

The collaborative and tailored ISG engagement approach and subsequent transformational contract unlocked:

  • Cost savings: recurring global savings of  >20% p.a. and elimination of shadow IT functions across the globe;
  • Risk reduction: a solution delivering enhanced security & protection via improved control over data leakage and reduction in data loss, implementation of stricter security access and device management protocols;
  • Productivity improvements: increased workforce productivity via delivery of improved suite of workplace collaboration tools; and
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: improved end user satisfaction as a result of enhanced support model, EUC environment supporting increased flexibility in working arrangements.