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Preparing a Top Healthcare Organization for New Employee Systems

ISG combines organizational change management (OCM), training and targeted communications at a well-known healthcare system already dealing with the COVID-19 crisis to ready about 20,000 workers for new employee HR and payroll systems.



A leading healthcare organization with various clinics and hospitals had brought in ISG to help prepare about 20,000 workers for changes to its human resources and payroll systems, including the addition of the Workday application. Goals included technology upgrades, cost savings and a better employee experience. Part way in, the COVID crisis struck and forced a pause on the initiative, including ISG’s organizational change management (OCM) efforts.

The ISG team quickly pivoted to redesign the training strategy to accommodate new health restrictions by adding more remote-learning sessions and updated the OCM and communications plan for a new timeline. The planning had to cover workers at four different entities and the launch of three systems across two different implementation dates. ISG partnered with the company’s HR project management office to focus on changing roles, processes and tech to increase end-user adoption while the organization’s own resources and subject-matter experts were stretched thin in the pandemic.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

The ISG team analyzed the affected stakeholder groups, performed business-readiness activities, created a comprehensive communications plan, and produced a multilayered training/learning program.

Over the course of about nine months, ISG team members helped prepare the healthcare employees for changes to their daily routines, including recording time, accessing benefits details, updating personal information and emergency contacts, and more. Ultimately, workers received state-of-the-art technology, standardization of systems and common data across four entities, and direct access to manage their own teams, even via mobile phone.

ISG delivered a change network of 200 company representatives to support their peers, more than 50 targeted communications, more than a dozen roadshows/demos, 30 training courses, 132 job aids, 125 interactive simulations and an intranet site with more than 25,000 views.

Future Made Possible

  • The company was able to launch three important new systems, streamlined processes and more personalized employee access, despite the constraints of the pandemic.
  • Dozens of communications were posted and distributed to specific affected groups across four different healthcare entities, including a robust series of emails around the two launch dates. 
  • Thousands of healthcare employees were trained to be ready to use the systems on Day 1.
  • The healthcare organization’s own workers, including subject-matter experts, were able to spend more time on their daily work since ISG supplemented their efforts.
  • Hypercare was able to quickly ramp down, thanks to sufficient preparation. The company began to quickly realize the monetary benefits of the new systems.