Client Stories

Sourcing Strategy Plus OCM Prepares a Healthcare Firm to Transform

ISG prepares a global healthcare provider to unlock $100 million over five years for reinvestment, with a sourcing strategy, strong organizational change management (OCM) and leadership alignment.



A global healthcare provider was facing cost, resourcing, and service quality and value challenges. The company’s goal was to identify savings opportunities for reinvestment in capability and capacity uplift to drive transformation in line with its customer-centric strategy over the next five years.

The company engaged ISG, which formed a team of subject-matter experts in strategy and organizational change management (OCM). While the digital-transformation business case and new operating model were being developed, the OCM efforts included a concerted leadership-alignment process to get executives and key stakeholders on board with the anticipated change.

Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG representatives worked with the healthcare company’s CIO and senior leadership team to create a sourcing strategy. As the firm prepared for its major transformation, the leadership of the program recognized that early attention to OCM would be critical to its success.

The organizational-change work included leadership-alignment sessions to gain buy-in and arm leaders with a change toolkit. ISG also drafted and managed communications in support of the company’s technology partnering strategy. OCM worked hand in hand with the company’s HR representatives to establish people- and process-mitigating strategies to enable successful adoption of the new operating model and related changes.


Future Made Possible

  • The company gained strong foundations for the transformation, including the sourcing strategy and its business case.
  • Its leaders reached alignment on the transition effort; they were then onboarded to cascade information to other relevant stakeholders.
  • ISG identified the anticipated impacts of the coming changes and worked with HR and the OCM working group to move the company toward change readiness.
  • The company received a communications approach established by ISG for current and future program phases.
  • The firm was able to put strategy roadmaps in place for the next phase of the program.