Client Stories

Telecommunications Company Achieves 10x ROI on Automation Investment

ISG helped a telecom company leverage robotic process automation to achieve a 10:1 return on investment and increased efficiency.



This multi-million dollar telecommunications company has numerous systems obtained through acquisition which have necessitated excessive ‘swivel chair’ activities to accomplish its goals.
Due to the time frame for completion and complexity of activities, many of these activities have not been fully outsourced to benefit from reduced labor costs.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG initially educated senior leadership on robotic process automation (RPA) as a potential option with an original proof of concept (POC) on a small portion of a potential process.  Upon completion of the POC, ISG secured  a 4-week on-site assessment of three layer one processes inclusive of disconnect, audit and order entry. Within these processes, ISG identified additional 32 layer two processes to be assessed for RPA. ISG determined that 24 out of 32 processes analyzed show immediate return on investment (ROI) opportunity for RPA.   
ISG proposed immediate implementation of the disconnect and order entry processes with the most immediate financial impact to the company, along with Automation Anywhere licenses for control panel and 15 robots. The company decided to proceed with the disconnect process initially and those respective robots.

Future Made Possible

  • Upon completion of the disconnect and order entry RPA implementation, the company and ISG together have determined a $5 million ROI in year one and $6 million ROI in year two and three, for a total savings of $17 million (hard costs only).   
  • This translates to a 10:1 ROI with a break-even on the project costs just 4 months following implementation.