Client Stories

Training for New Finance & Operations Technology at a U.S. Manufacturer

A U.S.-based manufacturer with offices in more than 20 countries receives cutting-edge training for its employees on new enterprise-level software and the streamlined processes to go with that software.



A multimillion-dollar manufacturer of software, sensors, vision systems and industrial barcode readers used in product assembly and inspections needed help preparing its workers for new software to integrate the company’s manufacturing, order-fulfillment and financial activities. More than 700 employees around the globe would be affected by the new SAP S/4HANA software and the more than 20 redefined processes that would accompany it.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

Experts from ISG’s organizational change management (OCM) team were brought in to help guide employees through the imminent changes. They collected and summarized the results of the coming impacts and created a network of more than 90 change champions and super users at the company to help bring their peers up to speed. Once the manufacturer’s executives saw the initial ISG work, they expanded the team’s engagement from a light standard training effort to a much larger, customized end-user training program. ISG’s training representatives designed and built process- and role-education materials, including 26 courses containing more than 100 simulations. The team used SAP’s Enable Now rapid training-development tool and leveraged a team of industry veterans from ISG’s India office. They also delivered train-the-trainer courses based on the actual roles and scenarios that employees would have in the new systems.

Future Made Possible

  • The new, modern software and processes are enabling the company and its employees to move toward the future of manufacturing with better procurement practices, more accurate inventory reporting, better lead times and improved logistics.
  • The company is using ISG’s custom training materials for this initial effort, plus future training of new employees on the system.
  • The manufacturer now has an existing network of champions and super users for ongoing change initiatives.