Client Stories

Using OCM and Communications to Prepare for Big IT Changes

ISG readied hundreds of workers for major changes to their IT processes and applications. Learn how we quickly partnered with a managed-service provider leading an IT transition to enable the move to a new IT service desk, a self-service portal and ServiceNow tools to manage IT requests.



A multibillion-dollar energy company was moving forward with its first IT outsourcing engagement, which included a revamp of its IT organization, applications and processes. ISG sourcing representatives were already in place and were able to help the utility’s leaders understand that they also needed assistance preparing their IT managers and workers for the new roles and activities coming with the changes. The existing help desk would be replaced with a new IT service desk, a self-service portal and ServiceNow tools to manage IT requests.

An ISG OCM team was brought in and got to work fast, partnering with the managed-service provider leading the IT transition. The provider was only focused on helping IT employees directly involved in the switch, but ISG began to fill in the gaps, realizing all IT and energy-company employees needed information about the changing tools, processes and roles so they could quickly adapt.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

The ISG OCM team developed and launched new communications for all IT team members within just two weeks of arrival at the engagement. This included a “Know, Do, Share” report that went out weekly to the company’s entire IT organization, so everyone would be “on the same page.” The OCM team identified a group of trainers to serve as a new Change Network for the company. ISG leveraged and coached these representatives from within IT to be “Change Ambassadors” to help their peers prepare for the new ServiceNow functionality, new industry-standard processes and impacts to their business partners. In addition, the OCM team shared continual updates on critical-path stakeholder risks to help guide OCM activities and priorities.

ISG brought the utility up to speed in time to launch within two weeks of original projections. We also provided additional OCM tools to help with the next project phase, in which IT would work closely with the business units around project impacts.

Future Made Possible

  • Hundreds of workers were prepared for the launch of the new service desk, self-service portal and ServiceNow functionality.
  • All of the energy company’s IT employees were provided with a new communications report that is still being used weekly to provide company updates. Also, a new IT communications team was trained by the ISG OCM representatives.
  • The company received the OCM tools needed to help it through the next phase of the project, which involves additional IT role changes and impacts for business application owners.