ISG Mobile Map™

Get the visibility you need to take advantage of shifts in the global mobile network landscape.

Our interactive database tracks localized developments, like timing for new and sunset mobile technologies, so that you can manage global fleets of IoT-connected devices.

Mobile_Map - global mobile network landscape

Mobile Network Sunsets are Happening

Plan to Avoid Service Disruptions

Supporting mobile devices in a single country on a single mobile network isn’t terribly difficult. But today’s global markets require support in several countries across the globe. Add to this the complexity of a mobile generation transition (such as sun-setting 3G or introducing 5G) and you have a recipe for disruption. 

ISG Mobile Map™ helps you manage and plan for these transitions. With over 800 mobile operators in over 200 countries and territories tracked, ISG Mobile Map™ provides an easy-to-use view into the global mobile landscape. No other service tracks the breadth of geographic coverage – so no other service can ensure you don’t miss something that will critically impact your network and business.

What can ISG Mobile Map™ do for you?

Our ISG Mobile Map™ covers:


Mobility Landscape

Achieve full visibility into relevant operator details with market share, along with a map of mobile networks available. You can even filter by continent, country and operator level.


Country-specific News

Follow the latest news by country or continent to ensure you’re up to date on relevant announce-ments. Plus, get qualitative insights about each country’s landscape, M&A activity and financial wins and woes.


Sunsets and Shutdowns

Anticipate when networks are retired or sunset so that your IoT devices don’t go offline unexpectedly. Prioritize radio replacement globally, and plan for needed upgrades.


5G Deployments

Plan the deployment and product strategies for 5G devices that need the latest network technologies by tracking which operators are deploying 5G, where and at what frequencies.

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