The Future Workplace Is Both

Collaboration and Experience

The workplace of the future must integrate the best of digital, physical and human-based solutions to boost collaboration and experience for employees and customers.

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Trends 2022: How Sustainable is the Workplace of the Future?

Enterprises, governments and employees are coming to grips with new ways of working. The rules are constantly shifting – but a number of trends will give enterprises the opportunity to flourish in 2022. To prepare, companies will need to do three things: (1) Understand the needs of hybrid workers. (2) Consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in your return-to-work plans. (3) Get ready for the rise of the machines.

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Modernize Your Customer Experience

The secret to better customer experience is turning the contact center into more than an issue center. The contact center must become a key order center with the right strategic footprint, supportive partners and smart technology.

You need the right-sized contact center for economic and staffing efficiencies, the right blend of at-home, part-time and offshore support, and the right risk profile. The goal is to make the contact center a valuable part of the customer journey. 

ISG can help you achieve flexibility, workload balancing, business continuity and competitive advantage. We will help you choose the right partners to improve processes, drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Invigorate the Digital Workplace

  • Innovate IT support and service desk
  • Contain costs with a persona-based user platform
  • Optimize collaboration technology for employee engagement and customer experience

Secure and Safeguard the Physical Workplace

  • Determine optimal work-from-office and work-from-home strategies for the future
  • Build a flexible workplace for the “uberization” of the employee

Improve the Human Workplace

  • Harmonize employee collaboration with digitization of workflows
  • Foster and support employee flexibility

Elevate your Customer Experience

  • Build your customer experience and channels strategy
  • Plan for business model change
  • Make your channel shift to digital
  • Connect your experience creation and partner ecosystem strategy


In-house vs. Outsourced Contact Centers

For smaller contact centers, outsourcing can help standardize processes, access the latest technology, and integrate multiple customer service representative groups. For larger contact centers, an outsourced model can increase global delivery capabilities, improve cost efficiencies, expand scalability and ensure agility. 

Whether you need help with video and concierge services, connected CRM, or IVR and connected data, ISG can help.

Hosted, hybrid, onshore, offshore. How would the right model work for you?

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