ISG Automation Methodology

isg automation methodology

Move to the Next Level of your Automation Journey

Wherever you are, we push you further. Our robust automation methodologies weave in change management capabilities and digital enablement to empower your success. We help you on all steps of your intelligent automation journey with our 5 D's methodology.

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Uncover automation and improvement opportunities via our process and task mining expertise.

Using automated process discovery tools, such as process and task mining, as well as our seasoned process analysts, we’ll have you a business case ready in just a few weeks. And that's a business case for not just your RPA opportunities; we assess for all manner of intelligent automation capabilities.


Create a strategy, understand your tech needs & set up your project to take advantage of opportunities.

ISG works with you to develop your technical and operating strategy – and to launch your automation center of excellence. We ensure you’re ready to scale, by validating any software, provisioning infrastructure and continuing to educate and train your organization.


Leverage implementations services across geographies, solutions and an ecosystem of tech.

ISG has a variety of services to assist you on your Bot-building journey. We can either build for you, or teach you how to build your own, or even a bit of both, as well as operate and maintain all bots for you via our Bot support. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.


Maximize your ROI with ongoing support, including OCM, production support and COE-as-a-service.

Beyond coding, creating and extracting the value from your Bots requires a whole different skill set. ISG helps you repurpose staff to higher value roles and plan your automations to digitally transform the business. ISG knows the pitfalls to avoid, ensuring you scale your automation program successfully.


Digitally enable your workforce to ensure quality and efficiency in your ongoing deployments.

Our digital enablement platform brings together training and upskilling of your developers, plus code quality checking, to ensure bot build standards are maintained. Leverage our ability to help you migrate your processes from one RPA software to another.

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