Test Automation Solutions

Dramatically increase the agility and accuracy of your testing while reducing internal costs.

ISG provides a full suite of test automation services for all aspects of your test automation program, not limited to just applications. Our methodology pairs automation technology with experienced test engineers to dramatically reduce manual effort, improve quality, accelerate product releases and reduce costs.

Positively impact your product lifecycle, quality, defect rate and testing coverage metrics

We can help you quickly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing functions, from assessment and strategy through execution and governance. How we approach it is up to your pace and investment goals: we can take it slow and grow, we can provide walk-in-and-take-over options for your organization, or we can provide something in between. ISG provides the full spectrum of test automation services, resulting in an average of 30% savings when compared to existing manual test functions, and we also increase your test throughput enabling you to get to market faster and with less issues.

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