Client Stories

Delivering “Noiseless” Transitions: OCM Support for Sourcing & IT Updates

ISG uses organizational change management (OCM) to prepare more than 40,000 workers at a global engineering solutions company for outsourcing, insourcing, and IT and business-process updates.



An engineering solutions company with a presence in 42 countries needed to achieve a combination of outsourcing and insourcing across six functions. It also wanted to create a Shared Services Center (SSC) and update many of its business processes and its ServiceNow system for managing digital operations. An ISG OCM team was brought in to help ready more than 42,000 impacted people for significant changes to the company’s IT, finance, HR and other workstreams. Though the company had done some limited outsourcing before, employees really needed education about managed services, transitions, and what happens through the related processes.

The initial work involved two consecutive four-month transitions and 431 locations. That included moving some deskside support services to a new managed-service partner and switching from one global service desk in a single country to five different locations worldwide, introducing multiple languages for support. The ISG team jumped in, showing the firm how to structure things from a program level. Governance, communications needs, training and more were addressed in an OCM framework provided to six workstreams for tailoring to their specific business functions.

Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG’s OCM team implemented regular touchpoints with leaders and addressed the choice of several different service providers for workstreams involved. ISG found each individual workstream was generally working in a silo and needed OCM support, so better program management and tactical plans were drawn up.

The ISG OCM team helped set up a Change Network of select employees to support their peers through the changes. Our team also delivered a change-impact assessment for each transition, a governance framework, training recommendations, a communications strategy and plan, and more. They helped the client navigate through many of the key decisions relevant to a change plan.

Client representatives said the OCM support provided was the best OCM support they’ve ever experienced in the IT space. They said a successful transition looks like “what ISG did in the first transition, which was noiseless,” with no surprises or employee pushback. The company repeatedly extended ISG OCM’s contract to assist with more transitions.


Future Made Possible

  • The company launched its new service desks with added language support, deeper cultural awareness and significant cost savings.
  • These moves allowed the firm to become more sustainable, with scalable support and process-driven, instead of relationship-driven, services that are easily trackable.
  • The company now has better program management for change initiatives that can be used across additional areas of the organization.
  • The company received custom training on how to work with a managed-service partner, as well as customized cultural-awareness training.
  • The company is on track to complete its final transitions of this initiative, with three functions moving into a Shared Service Center and the ability to take a more strategic view of IT in the future.