Client Stories

Governance for Global Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Establishing governance to enable portfolio management in a large automotive CRM.



Members of an auto manufacturing company’s CRM team were operating across the globe using similar base IT products and services but working independently from one another. This resulted in a lack of global requirements to drive enterprise solutions and overlapping or similar tools to solve the same problem. For example, the team used at least four different analytics engines, which caused a lack of coordination, cooperation and understanding. It also caused frequent re-work and frustration with last-minute requests for business validation. In short, the team had no global strategy for operations.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG took this opportunity to perform a needs assessment and audit across the globe to gather information on issues, tools used and current processes. ISG discovered that the company’s existing tools, including Team Foundational Server, SharePoint and JIRA, were set up to provide standard output on project data.

We used this information to create a program management office that included portfolio management, incident management and change management. We also established a change control/management board (CCB) to review scores and decide and prioritize all new requests. The project management office (PMO) is in operating mode now with highly effective governance, change control and reporting.

Future Made Possible

The company gained visibility of requests and business impact across the globe. The global scale of this visibility enables more efficient solutioning, as opposed to four duplicate tools to handle one problem.
The company now has the capability to confirm impacts and priority of changes before a request goes to IT for estimation or business for prioritization. This capability reduces re-work and frees up project team members to focus on active projects while changes are being reviewed. It also allows for a greater emphasis on discovery and strategy.
The visibility of requirements and requests to all users of the system allows global markets with less resources to take advantage of the enterprise resources.