ISG Digital Dish Podcasts

A podcast for women’s voices and perspectives in today’s digital world.

What does it mean to be a woman in the world of digital business? Of course, all women will have their own answer to this question based on their unique background and experiences. At ISG, we are committed to investigating and understanding how women leaders are navigating the digital landscape globally.

We love to learn from the smart women leading our industry.

ISG’s Digital Dish is a monthly podcast that makes space for smart women’s voices and experiences in technology today. We're all about organic conversations, genuine experiences and combatting inequity with authenticity. Our discussions pair real life with real business experience because we know that work-life and life-life are constantly merging in compelling new ways. 

Hosts Jeanne Cuff and Lois Coatney bring you thought-provoking stories from their conversations with digital professionals and entrepreneurs of all walks of life. Sharing WFH hacks, innovation, “dark night of the soul” moments and successes, our guests get real about what it means to be a woman in digital. Join us on a fresh journey as we examine and debate the latest news and issues in the technology space with the women that are creating the way forward. 

Meet the Hosts