ISG Managed Services Powered by ISG GovernX™

You depend on a complex environment of third-party contracts, from sweeping multi-service agreements to renewable software licenses. To get the most out of those contracts – to make sure you get what you pay for – you have to manage them carefully, but doing it right can be tedious and expensive.

Turn complexity into cohesion.

Build your supplier relationships on facts instead of emotion.

ISG GovernX

With ISG Managed Services powered by ISG GovernX™, you can simplify your provider and contract ecosystem into a single source of truth. ISG GovernX™ is a groundbreaking digital managed services solution that allows you to monitor contract performance as services are delivered, address issues on the spot, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster greater collaboration among your suppliers for better business outcomes.

Make your life easier.
Digital Supplier Management streamlines the daily work of managing suppliers, automates what has been previously manual, reduces errors and improves visibility into performance. By handling contracts in a holistic way, you make your agreements more valuable.

Improve operations.
Contract Lifecycle Management Services help you govern business contracts throughout their lifecycle – from contracting through renewal. When you have ample time to prepare for contract expirations, you can turn a management chore into an opportunity for improvement.

Be more resilient.
Third-Party Risk Management gives you the data you need to address the increasingly stringent regulatory scrutiny of your sourcing environment. With our integrated tool, you can assess supplier delivery against regulations, manage the risks inherent to supplier relationships and assure security in your sourced services.

Get more done.
Program Management Office drives success in your strategic programs and projects. You’ll have greater visibility into project status, be better able to keep schedules on track, and be able to continually address risks, issues and spend.

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