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Third-Party Contracts Managed
D&Os Annually1.3 M
Deliverables and Obligations Managed Annually
AccumulatedSavings$350 M
of Accumulated Savings

On average, companies do not track 75 percent of their deliverables and obligations due to ineffectively managed contracts.

Without transparency, you’re likely missing out on cost savings, access to innovation, compliance, deliverables and obligations. You need a single source of truth to realize the full value of your third-party portfolio.

ISG GovernX® reinvents the way you manage your suppliers by providing a customized single pane of glass into spend, performance and risk across your organization. It will change the way you manage your business.

Turn complexity into clarity.

How to improve supplier relationship and contract lifecycle management


ISG GovernX® provides everything you need to maintain insight and oversight of your third-party portfolio. It is the first third-party management platform that allows you to proactively optimize the value of your supplier relationships, mitigate risks and manage the contract lifecycle with speed and agility.

Get control of your third-party environment, improve supplier performance and decrease spend. Leverage ISG’s knowledge and insights borne from more than $450 billion worth of enterprise client-supplier transactions.

Manage your supplier portfolio.

Automate the day-to-day activities of supplier and contract management and build more strategic relationships with your suppliers.

ISG GovernX® is designed with an API-first approach, so it integrates easily with your enterprise environment to provide a customized single pane of glass into spend, performance, and risks across the organization. You can drive key business insights, quicker decisions and proactive actions.

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Executive Insights

Get the inside story on how your suppliers and spend track to the market.

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Contract Lifecycle

Drive speed and compliance in your contracting process.

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Supplier Relationship

Proactively drive supplier performance and increase partnership value.

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Platform Integration

Visualize your third party performance, spend, relationship and risk on a single pane of glass; integrated within our environment.

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Spend Management

Control spend and validate you are paying for value received.

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Third-Party Risk

Establish commensurate controls and assure compliance to mitigate risk.

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How procurement can enable innovation.

Enterprises today must manage a complex environment of third-party relationships, from sweeping multi-service agreements to renewable software licenses. Without careful orchestration and management of these relationships, companies expose themselves to significant risk.

Third-party management at its best, ISG GovernX® helps you govern, prioritize, organize and deliver on the full promise of your supplier portfolio. Perform meaningful analysis on real-time governance data through interactive dashboards that drill directly down into transactional data elements.

ISG GovernX® is an innovative managed services and lifecycle management platform leveraging the latest technology from ServiceNow, Automation Anywhere and IBM Watson.

Reimagine the way you manage your suppliers.


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