ISG Labor Compliance™

Manage collective bargaining agreements.

ISG Labor Compliance™, powered by ISG GovernX®, is a digital solution that enables organizations to manage their collective bargaining agreements(CBAs) on a timely and consistent basis. This tool helps enterprises

  • administer contracts strategically
  • manage risk and governance for better outcomes
  • prepare for negotiations.

Never again let a missed contract provision take you by surprise.

InformX-CIO-DashboardGovern union contracts with the same rigor as supplier contracts.

Stop value leakage, centralize governance and track your contracts across locations and roles. Understand the detail and scope of all contracts and leverage that intelligence at the bargaining table.

Dashboards allow users to drill down, filter, sort and personalize with role-based security. Break down and compare union versus non-union populations by labor cost, tenure and age. Compare negotiated provisions across CBAs and identify outliers to reduce variations.


InformX-Infrastructure-DashboardImprove compliance and inform stakeholders.

Poorly managed labor contracts erode the value of workforce agreements. ISG Labor Compliance™ brings automation and rigor to CBA administration.

  • Create line item deliverables and obligations to ensure visibility and trigger workflow (e.g., pay raises every 6 months)
  • Digitally submit, review, rework and approve evidence of D&O completion
  • Easily retain all evidence and communication for audits and evaluations

Prevent value leakage with ISG Labor Compliance™ and never again let a missed contract provision take you by surprise.

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