ISG Star of Excellence™ - Survey Design



ISG relies on the close and trusted relationship with numerous end customers served in consulting and sourcing projects since 2006. These contacts will be combined with the  nominations ISG receives from service providers on a regional and global level. In summary, ISG is committed to an unfiltered and ultimately unbiased customer experience survey.


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Survey questions:

1) Choose the role that best represents your position.
2) How many employees does your company have?
3) In which regions does your business conduct business?
4) What are your company's annual revenues? (optional)
5) Please select your company's primary industry segment.
6) Which country or region is your business headquartered in?
7) Please indicate the top 3 IT services providers your firm contracts or works with. (pre-filled with [PROVIDER])
8) Which of the following best describes your primary role in the management of Service Delivery from [PROVIDER]? 
9) PROVIDER NAME has nominated you to rate the following service [IT/IPL CONTEXT]
10) Please provide an estimate of the portion of the work performed by [PROVIDER] which is performed in each of the following locations. Please answer for what was standard before COVID.
11) Please select which “IT/IPL TOPIC” [PROVIDER] is performing for you. 
12) Of the services that [PROVIDER]provides, please rate the following categories of service delivery from most important, to least important. (Please drag and drop, 1 is the most important, 6 is the least important)
13) How successful has [PROVIDER]been at the following components of service delivery? 
14) How successful has [PROVIDER] been at the following components of communication and collaboration?
15) How successful has [PROVIDER] been at innovation in the following people & cultural areas?
16) How successful has [PROVIDER] been the following components of business continuity and flexibility?
17) On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend [PROVIDER] to another business or colleague?
18) Thank you for your valuable answers! You have completed the evaluation. Would you like to provide further feedback on other services & providers? (Yes, starts the survey again, no re-directs the respondent to ISG’s thank you page where respondents can choose a free copy of an IPL report)