ISG Provider Services

Build market awareness. Develop more pipeline. Improve win rates. Retain and expand client relationships. 

ISG Provider Services enables success by leveraging its depth of experience and unmatched market data to support world-class performance in all phases of the business and engagement lifecycle.

ISG Provider Services


Empowering You to Excel

More than 125 providers currently subscribe to ISG Provider Services. Our services include:

  • ISG Momentum® is a subscription-based research and consulting service for service providers wanting to educate influencers, generate leads, differentiate their offerings and enhance the effectiveness of their sales efforts. 
  • ISG ProBenchmark® is the only patented SaaS benchmark tool in the industry that can deliver accurate market-price intelligence for provider or carrier IT and business service needs.
  • ISG Insights™ provides market insight into changing market dynamics and buyer behavior, as well as competitive intelligence around both established and next-gen service lines
  • ISG Satisfaction Benchmarking® brings one of the world’s largest databases of satisfaction benchmarks, so providers can understand their performance relative to others, and gain insights to establish realistic performance targets and get consistently high-quality, action-oriented results.
  • ISG Provider Lens™ reprints offer insightful intelligence about provider services or technology strengths and weaknesses and how they are positioned relative to their market peers.
  • ISG Events offer an opportunity for networking and information exchange from the leading global technology research and advisory firm. 

Putting it All Together for You

2016 Network Engagements / ACV Active Deals Tracked Worldwide Deep Provider Connections Evaluations in 2017
>120 Engagements
$3B+ ACV
$1.9T TCV
76K Contracts
>1K Tracked
3 to 4 Daily Contacts
750 Quadrants
100+ Providers


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