ISG GovernX® Checklist
Transform Supplier & Contract Management


ISG GovernX® is a ground-breaking digital managed services solution that allows you to monitor contract performance in real time, address issues on the spot, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance and foster greater collaboration among your suppliers.

Reinforce Controls to Manage Third-Party Relationships

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Optimize Value in Third-Party Supplier Relationships

Having spend, performance, contract compliance and change data at your fingertips will empower your organization to transform more rapidly and stay ahead of the competition. ISG GovernX®:

  • Combines industry best practices, state-of-the-art technology and expert supplier management support to maximize supplier value and optimize operating expense
  • Brings together the power of AI, chatbots, deep learning and analytics, industry-leading business practices and automation to manage your supplier and contract lifecycle
  • Integrates relationship, governance, risk and compliance to make your GRC and VMO operations more efficient. By enabling close tracking of deliverables and obligations (D&O), ISG GovernX® prevents value leakage of third-party supplier operations.

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